I doubt it. You probably think of far more practical things like if you’ve got enough milk in the fridge to see you through till shopping day.

There’s been a number of things flitting through my mind. All game-related of course. The whole PSP vs DS thing. GTA: San Andreas. Will my fiancee beat Ico before the weekend ends (update – yes! She did!)?

Weighty stuff, I think you’ll agree.

More recently, I’ve been looking at my game collection and wondering what’s wrong with me. I love games. And I really enjoy playing them. But I have many games that, although purchased with the intent of playing to the end, I’ve barely started.

I’m easily distracted by the next shiny object – and at this time of year there’s a whole load of highly polished shiny things all vying for my attention.

It’s not that I don’t have the finances or discipline to save for the games. I’m not particularly worried about getting a game on launch day or anything like that. I begin to worry when I hear everyone talking about San Andreas when I know I’ve barely even started my tour of duty in Vice City.

I think, what with my financial restraints loosened and my playing time at a premium I’m far more a game collector than a game player these days. I can live with that. I do want to see every corner of each and every game I own but when I look at the wealth of them I somehow think I never will..

..Oh well. The boxes look pretty. Especially the shiny ones.

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