I’m a download whore.

I always knew that me and broadband would be good friends as I’ve never been short of finding something that I’ll happily download and play, watch or listen to.

I consider myself a graduate of the School of Internet. I have the browser I prefer. I have the IM client I prefer. I blog for chrissakes!

When it comes to downloading, I’ve tried most methods available to your average, informed user. Vanilla web downloads. FTP hunting, IRC file servers, eMule, BitTorrent, KaZaa, Direct Connect.

Nothing. Nothing touches usenet. Nothing comes close.

The wonderful thing is that although it looks complex, it’s not. But that hint of complexity deters utter spackers from messing about with it. It also helps that most ISPs (certainly the ones in the UK) don’t provide decent usenet support as standard.

I have four other things to say on the subject:

Now – go out there and get the good stuff.

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