Koffdrop.com finally hits the zeitgeist!

Yes, I know I’ve truly arrived once my site gets hacked. I noticed some strangeness a little while back and today I checked things out and everything was gone! Yup, all the files that make up the site, all my hosted files, all image files – the works!

Not only that but my site admin panel had been changed – effectively locking me from my own site.

Fortunately, my host is not only extremely helpful but very thorough in his work. He’s been able to provide me with a lot of information relating the the trail of breadcrumbs the wiley little scamp left.

What I find highly suspcious is the rather blunt methods used. A mass ‘delete’ was done of all my unprotected files.

Most interestingly my last two posts – the one laughing at the tantrums thrown by Zelda fanboys and the one belittling a community that was taking itself far too seriously – both those posts have been mysteriously deleted from the database that holds the koffdrop.com site data.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Hacked”
  1. Yes, I saw this yesterday. Why people bother with hacking is beyond me, but glad you got the site up fairly quickly.

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