A bit more God of War

Hello, yes I’ve been busy working on TGFC (see links) but I stumbled upon some new GoW2 footage and thought I’d link to it here. Looks like some pretty impressive stuff for the humble PS2.

Bring it on!



Another week, another hack. Gee, somebody really doesn’t like me expressing an opinion!

So, this time the databases disappeared – taking the entire site content with them. Backups save the day (thanks, once again, to my awesome host) and only a week’s worth of content was lost. This will be recovered.

In the meantime, not a lot of visible activity will be going on here.

Hackers eh? Why can’t they just settle down and meet a nice girl? 🙂


Righty, so some of you folk might already have noticed references to TGFC here and there.What is it? Well, for now it’s hush-hush. It’s a new project I’m involved in and seems like a pretty entertaining idea. Time will tell if that turns out to be the case. Anyway, regard this post as some koffdrop.com officially sanctioned spam and go make yourself a new bookmark for that site.

All will be revealed at the start of 2007.

Will Wright pimps his games

[ Video removed from YouTube due to copyright ]

This Colbert guy is meant to be some hard-nosed, cutting-wit interviewer guy. I reckon Paxman would eat him for breakfast. Will looks worried. I don’t know if it’s the fear of being interviewed live on TV by some wannabe politico or the thought that every word he says is being scrutinised by his paymasters at EA.

For the record, I reckon Spore will be a bit meh. Nice idea but, like all creation games, once you’ve gone through all the tiers of creation it’ll grow old fast. Not fast enough to sell like crazy though.


Koffdrop.com finally hits the zeitgeist!

Yes, I know I’ve truly arrived once my site gets hacked. I noticed some strangeness a little while back and today I checked things out and everything was gone! Yup, all the files that make up the site, all my hosted files, all image files – the works!

Not only that but my site admin panel had been changed – effectively locking me from my own site.

Fortunately, my host is not only extremely helpful but very thorough in his work. He’s been able to provide me with a lot of information relating the the trail of breadcrumbs the wiley little scamp left.

What I find highly suspcious is the rather blunt methods used. A mass ‘delete’ was done of all my unprotected files.

Most interestingly my last two posts – the one laughing at the tantrums thrown by Zelda fanboys and the one belittling a community that was taking itself far too seriously – both those posts have been mysteriously deleted from the database that holds the koffdrop.com site data.

Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?