You’ve made numerous constructive comments to and they have consistently failed to appear on the site.

This is because of an over-zealous WordPress plugin the filters out spam comments for me. The plugin is called Akismet and works very well – if I didn’t use it, this site would be flooded with spam comments! However, automated systems for spam always have one or two instances where they either let something bad through or block a legitimate commentator.

It is the latter that has happened with your comments and, for that, I apologise and would like to say thank you for adding your thoughts to my ramblings. I appreciate all comments and I make it a policy not to withold any (except for spam!) as I’m just as happy to print comments from those that disagree with me as those that don’t.

Although I don’t recall you and I ever chatting directly to one another I’d like to make up for the bad treatment your efforts have received and, as such, would like to mention the Segamak Gaming Community. I can say nothing bad about it!

No hard feelings I hope!

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