Yes, another skin. There’s no artistic reason to this change – I just managed to tinker about with the old one, break it and decide I couldn’t be bothered to fix it.

I’d like you to take a glance at the sidebar on the right of the site and focus on the column called ‘Newsbites’.

Newsbites are a sort of cherry-picked newsfeed from yours truly. I’m a big fan of using RSS to gather news and have a lovely piece of server-side software that does that for me based on the feeds I’ve subscribed to. Whilst reading up on the new entries to my feeds I can ‘publish’ certain ones to a sort of output feed. This feed is what makes up the Newsbites and is stand-alone feed in it’s own right (you can subscribe to it by using the in the shaded title area)

Longtime readers of this site may remember some tinkering I did that pushed lots of newsbites into the content area of this site. I decided to stop doing that as was becoming more like some random games blog than the sort of place that had any sense of individuality.

So, whenever you visit, check out the Newsbites. Everytime I collect my feeds I push the stuff that catches my eye into Newsbites. So it’s quite likely you’ll find something new in that area each time you visit.

If you have any suggestions about RSS feeds you think might interest me then please don’t hesitate to let me know.

3 thoughts on “Newsbites”
  1. Glad you find it useful. If you have an RSS reader or something that supports RSS feeds (such as Firefox’s Live Bookmarks) then you can subscribe to the Newsbite feed and get updates without needing to visit the site.

    Of course, you can also subscribe to feeds for content, categories and comments in exactly the same manner – just look for the icon.

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