Chatting with a friend today I found myself throwing a few site recommendations his way. These are all sites that I rarely visit but have subscribed to their RSS feed. If you’re someone who regularly checks a site or two for news updates then it’s very likely they publish their updates via RSS and instead of you doing the legwork and visiting their site you can let the site do the work and send their updates to your RSS reader of choice. I recommend Google Reader.

I’ve been a long-time fan of RSS and have amassed a worryingly large number of RSS feeds that Google Reader manages for me. Here’s a few:

Sexy People (site|rss)  
A photoblog of family portraits and studio photos. Showcasing some fashion disasters and very unsexy people. Ripped off by Awkward Family Photos.

Dilbert Daily Strip (site|rss)
A wry cartoon that anyone who has ever spent time in an office cubicle can relate to. (site|rss)
Featuring the ubiquitous mascot of the internet: Pedobear. Innocent images turned sinister and creepy and wrong with the addition of the aforementioned mammal. Images tend to be worksafe but the general tone is not safe for work.

Old Jews Telling Jokes (site|rss)
Does exactly what you expect it to. Updated infrequently but always worth the wait. A guranteed guffaw with every punchline. Latke-licious!

VGBargains (site|rss)
An unfussy UK-centric site reporting bargain prices on videogames. A great complement to GamesTracker.

And that’s all for now. When reading a flood of news or serious commentary it’s always welcome to have a silly or humourous item suddenly pop up as the next headline. What brightens up your news reading?

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