There’s a big debate over the suitability of playing FPS games on the Revolution with equally strong arguments for and against. The problem is that it’s missing the point entirely – if the Revolution is insisting on being the brand new way to play then there’s going to be trouble. If the gamers are still thinking about playing FPS games and all those other established genres then there is no need for a revolution.

I said that. Yes, I know quoting myself on my own site could be regarded as being somewhat pretentious but I’ve very good reason to believe that a number of people who have read that paragraph didn’t digest it properly or simply have problems comprehending simple English.

To respond to such a statement by telling me why the Revolution could become THE platform for FPS games is to demonstrate an utter lack of comprehension as to what I’m actually talking about. I do have a nice little metaphor that would help explain things in very simple terms but I don’t really think I want to help these kind of people out. They either get it or they don’t.

To those of you who did understand what I said, regardless of whether you agree with it or not, congratulations! You’re officially not morons!

DISCLAIMER: I’ve assumed English is the first language of those that read This is a sweeping generalisation and I shall use it frequently. Other sweeping generalisations of mine include: moron, fanboy, IGN reader and cretin.

3 thoughts on “Think before you respond”
  1. Well I think I get it 0_o

    Although I suppose I’d better not say, if you don’t want those “IGN readers” to understand if they can’t read it. But basically, what the Rev should be doing is giving us a Revolution, not an evolution eh?

  2. Well, ‘some@one’, call me a jaded old cynic if you like but I find it more than just coincidence that, less than 24 hours after making a comment about English being someone’s first language, a comment appears from on my very much UNpublicised website that claims to be from a non-English speaker who proceeds to evangelise Nintendo and their Revolution console whilst ignoring the points I made about buying add ons or my attitude to using peripherals over 20 years of gaming.

    The faux-non-English in your comment is very much what a competent English speaker would assume would pass as someone with English as a second language. I’ve seen many comments and posts in my time from those with English as a second language and your efforts are pure low-brow comedy. Do you watch “‘Allo ‘Allo”? I think you’d like it.

    Now, next time, try to be less obvious ok?

  3. Well, some@one, if you’re so innocent then why the fake email address? Stop wasting my time playing childrens games – you’re exactly the kind of imbecile that nobody but other small minded children find funny.

    Your IP address is logged and added to my spam list. Cheerio.

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