Well, as it happens I’ve been fairly busy at work this week. This goes some way to explaining the lack of additions to this blog. Most of my time has been centered around bringing our new team member up to speed. It’s refreshing to go over ground that you feel so familiar with when you’re presenting it as new and interesting. It’s also good to get some novel questions from someone who isn’t jaded. Heck, I’ve only been with the firm a year but.. ..well, you know how it is.

At home I’ve been spending time in front of my new TV feeling some gaming love from my three boxes. As my good friend reminds me – I could have got a bigger TV with the budget I had but I’m utterly satisfied with the end result and it’s the ideal size for the dimension of the room it’s going to stay in. Amtrak redeemed themselves by delivering before 9am the following morning in case you were wondering!

And then on to the OTHER events of this week. The UK’s been making some headlines haven’t they? I mean, firstly there was Live8. Sir Geldof’s pushy guilt and fund raising efforts doing the rounds. I have to admire the effort and principals of the man. Live8 didn’t appeal to me in the slightest though. In fact I was out most of Saturday and set a challenge to see just how much of the event I could avoid. I’m happy to report that I saw none of it and heard even less. Result!

Yesterday Londoners got to stick out their chest and feel proud about being awarded the 2012 Olympic Games hosting honours. I was fairly chilled about the idea but as the day went on I just got more and more excited about the idea. It’s worthy of a seperate rant but I’ll just say I’m thrilled and hope we can show the world what this little island can do.

And, less than 24 hours after that good news, a number of bombs exploded on the London Underground and another on a London bus. It’s headline news of the worst kind and the country is unified for an altogether different reason than the one of the day before. However, what we’re experiencing is something that’s happening on a daily basis in Baghdad and elsewhere and I think it’s worth remembering that these sort of atrocities are happening every day – not just in places that *I* happen to feel familiar with.

It’s a cowardly way of fighting and stands for nothing other than anarchy and suffering. As the UK hosts the G8 summit and enters discussion revolving around ending world poverty why are others looking to deliver their argument in such an ineffective and brutal way?

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