After the soul-destroying non-appearance of my new TV last Friday I was hoping for an altogether more uplifting one this week.

My wife was planning on buying a new car later on in the year. Last Saturday we were out all day (which is why I needed the TV delivered on Friday) enjoying test-drives from the shortlist she’d prepared. The plan was to then watch the second-hand market and get the best deal we could for our preferred car and budget. However, we were made a ridiculously good offer on a car that was 8 months old and had the grand total of 425 miles on it’s clock. Additionally it was fitted out with all the trimmings. Although it was ?500 above our budget it was simply too good an offer to refuse and certainly beyond anything we’d have ever expected to see on the second-hand market. This was practically a brand new, top of it’s range car, for ?2,500 less than it should have been.

A quick update to our budgets, some phonecalls and we’d agreed the purchase. The plan being to be driving it away from the dealership on Friday night.

Well, it’s Friday morning and, thanks to extra paperwork from the DVLA relating to the transfer of our cherished number-plate we’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday of next week instead.

As a non-driver I’m not as disappointed by this as much as my wife is (she’d been VERY excited this week). It still stinks though and is a pretty glum start to the weekend.

To cheer myself up, I’m going to hunt down some alternative games news for my blog and cheer me and any readers up a little.

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