I turned 32 yesterday. I’m not sure if I should be happy, sad or indifferent. On the whole I find other people’s birthdays far more interesting than my own. This could be because I find other people more interesting than I find myself!

Additionally, it was on a work day. This really helps take the pizazz out of the day (depending on where you work, admittedly). I’m a bit narked that my colleagues and managers manage to have whip-rounds whispered around the team for their cringe-worthy presentations of fake praise but I’ve somehow managed not to register on my team’s social radar. Strange though – they managed to scoff that cream cakes I brought in for them. (With respect, one team member made an effort – cheers Raquel!)

Yeah, so I’m older and grumpier than before!

Either way, I’m having a delayed card-opening session. I’m waiting until Saturday so I can lie in and enjoy the day rather than rushing about filling in pointless forms to untangle red-tape.

Who knows, by then my managers will be back from their booze-trip (sorry, ‘Product Launch’) and start to remember the team that makes them look good.

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