I’ve had a gaming itch I’ve been trying to scratch for a little while now. I’ve wanted to get stuck into something meaty but my collection wasn’t really delivering the goods.

I’d nabbed the PC version of GTA San Andreas and felt dismayed by the array of unhelpful control keys it expected me to use. This prompted me to finally get a PS2 to PC controller adaptor so I could use my Dual Shock on the PC. Whilst waiting for it to arrive I slipped my GTA SA into the PS2…

..and it appears to have got stuck!

I’m really enjoying this (finally). I prefer the controls to the PC version and I now have a screen large enough to make use of the minimap sitting in the corner. I’m still zipping about Los Santos with a few missions to complete before the whole shebang really opens it’s doors – but I’m having a blast. To contrast this, I’ve also decided to start Final Fantasy X-2 which I bought in New York in 2003. I remember thinking how smart I’d been to get the scoop on my PAL gaming friends. And yet, two years later I’ve only just managed to get past the intro.

But, remember this, as you tear away the shrinkwrap at your new copy of God of War just remember who was beating you over a stick about it’s greatness back in March.

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