My wife emailed me at work yesterday and suggested moving a console into the front room so we could both play something on the big screen. After my initial shock I thought ‘why not?’ I had a few games that I thought we could play together and enjoy although I know that, ultimately, it’ll all end in endless SSX 3 sessions.

At 5pm I strolled over to Toys R Us across the road and invested in a second PS2 controller and a second GBA to GC link cable on the offchance we might finally make a start with multiplayer Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.

25 pounds lighter, I got back to the flat to plug in the new gizmos only to realise that I had in fact just bought a third controller and cable, not a second. No biggie – except there’s only two of us in the flat. Bugger!

Still, four hours later, beanbags in place and controllers in hand we proceeded to play a couple of dirty games of Fifa 2005 and ended up evens with us both having a 1-0 win under our belts. All in all not a totally wasted evening!

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