Of the two types of person to be, I’m a cat person. They’re fascinating, beautiful creatures. Now, I’m not alone in being fond of cats and, where there’s a demographic, there’s someone prepared to market something silly to them.

Every now and again, something pops up that suggests a less mercenary take on the fascination and today the incessantly brilliant Lifehacker showcases an alternative to a cat climbing tree. I’ll show you the image from the article and let you decide if you want to follow it up:

Not quite ceiling cat
Waiting to pounce..

I think any cat-owner can appreciate just how much their cat enjoys a palatial view. I recall reading a book many years ago that made an aside on a piece of cat-behaviour and termed it Cat Chess. The definition being that each cat in the neighbourhood plays this game where the objective is to reach a vantage point where it can see all the other cats in the area whilst remaining hidden from view. It’s funny because it’s true.

If you’re in the mood for further proof of the superior wit of cat owners to dog owners then allow me to present to you the Infinite Cat Project.

On the off-chance that such a thing as reincarnation exists I’ve already determined that my preferred form would be a cat owned by a  rich, old, jewish widow. Life surely can’t get better than that.

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