OK, so after the first review got posted and the site now says “This site has been removed at the advice of legal council.” (with a simple hit-counter at the end) it’s worth noting that a copy of the legally removed article can be found here.

It’s worth noting that this removal request is pretty much the only thing that legitimises the review at this point. Furthermore, a faker would probably know that and fake the legal message too.

The review talks about the game, reveals some spoilers and deliberately compares the 360 to the PS3 version. The 360 specific parts are in red, the PS3 in blue.

Obviously, for a true fanboy this will never be an issue. But its interesting to hear some detail.

I’m looking forward to the game a great deal and the only decision I have left to make is what format to try it out on first. The review linked in this article should help me decide.

For what it’s worth, I’m not particularly interested in rushing to make comparisons of the game for anyone’s reading benefit. Few people own both consoles, fewer still are silly enough to play the same game on each one – and for those that do it’s not necessary to report differences because if there are any then they’ll make themselves apparent soon enough. And those with a single console haven’t a choice to make and only care about differences for bragging rights and to make themselves feel better about their hardware purchase in the first place.

So, read it or don’t – it’s up to you. Only a few weeks until we all get to try it for ourselves!

2 thoughts on “First GTA 4 review fuels fanboys”
  1. U cant review a game that has undoutably been polished up since the review code u played. i will only belive the official reveiws thank you.

  2. Welcome gez,

    As I hoped I made clear in the post, I’ve treated this review with a healthy amount of scepticism and I’ve yet to find anyone who really has faith in what it reports.

    Official reviews are trickling out but like many high profile games, the breathless enthusiasm of the “Exclusive First Review!!!” type material is one that I also find myself wary of. Bioshock, Halo 3 and Mario Galaxy all should serve as reminders to be wary of those first reviews – even when they’re official. And in some cases, especially when they’re official.

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