Erm.. maybe?

GTA fanboy? Check!
GTA fanboy? Check!
MGS fanboy? Check!
Check and double check!

Click the lower two for fullsize. If you’re wondering, the original Metal Gear Solid is the old PlayStation 1 version and plays via backwards compatibility on a PS2.

4 thoughts on “Fanboy? Me?”
  1. Sorry Alastor!

    You know the crazy thing? I ordered this from Play Asia the moment I knew there was an English-dialog version being produced (back in January). The cost? £19.68 to my door.

    Admittedly, I’ve played these games before but from my fanboy perspective that’s still a bargain. 🙂

  2. Hmm. I’d actually pre-ordered this after seeing the first few 10/10 reviews… but I’ve cancelled it now. The part of my brain that responds to hype and reviews (the part which made me purchase games such as Halo 2 and Gran Turismo 4) has lost the battle against the part of my brain which uses logic and stuff.

    Ultimately, no matter how accomplished the game is, I can’t enjoy a game in which I don’t enjoy the setting or context. And a game where you have to commit crime, kill and what-have-you isn’t something I’d personally be comfortable playing. I was reading the 10/10 review in the latest Playstation mag, and every paragraph made me want it LESS. It kept going on about how “cool” it was to “pop caps” in people, or kidnap a girl as she struggles to grab your wheel, etc… thats what made me finally cancel. I just find the content in this game monstrous 😐

    But hey, each to their own. Enjoy it.

  3. Your reasons make perfect sense A18a. It would be far more sensible to spend the £35 or so on something you’ll enjoy rather than something you won’t. I also think it’s fair to say (even ahead of the game’s release) we can feel confident that a chunk of its content will familiar from earlier iterations. If that’s the stuff you’ll like then you’ll probably like more of it. Conversely, if that’s the sort of stuff you really don’t like then there’s no reason to assume you’ll feel any different about it this time around.

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