I just wanted to drop a note to any readers of the site to say that updates will be forthcoming. I’ve been a wee bit busy lately but have another two movie posts and possibly an Opera (not the browser) post to subject you to.

My current workload, search for alternative employment and enjoyment of GTA: San Andreas are the culprits for the lack of updates. GTA on a PC with decent controls (finally!) and hardly any loading time is just too good ! 🙂

See you soon.

4 thoughts on “Inactivity”
  1. What are you using on your PC as a controller Koff?

    What employment sector are you looking into for employment?

    Whats your favourite colour? (sorry, was sounding like a questionaire)

  2. I use my PS2 pad as a PC controller. I spent ages and ages looking for a PC pad with the same degree of functionality as my PS2 one (with PS1 emulation and for playing GTA on the PC in mind) and simply couldn’t find anything I liked the look or price of. It dawned on me that I should tackle the problem from the other way around and found a £6 usb adaptor that allowed me to plug in 2 PS2 pads. Cheap as chips, works like a charm and even uses rumble too!

    With respect to GTA, I found an small app that some GTA modders had written to deal with the horrible control interface. A load of preset control setups were included with it including one that was 99% perfect in emulating the PS2 control scheme on the PC game. A tweak here and there and I had the result I wanted.

    I’m happy to play the game how I like – but I still firmly believe that this was a problem that should have been addressed in the game by it’s developers, not by the users. On the plus side, mouse aiming is a bonus and makes some of the shooting missions (such as the radio-controlled plane attack) a lot more playable.

    Jobs-wise, I’d love to get more involved in games again but not if it means leaving Nottingham. Right now, I just need a change of scene before things get much worse (which, in the last day, they have!). Anything that lets me sit at a keyboard, preferably online, whilst I do any work is fine with me. Preferably paying more than I’m on right now too. I’m with a number of agencies and keeping my ear to the ground.

    Finally, it used to be red but now it’s green.

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