Well, it appears that WordPress (the software that drives koffdrop.com) has made a pretty large upgrade from version 1.5 to 2.0.

What does this mean to you? Very little! 😀

I believe that you won’t see any changes when you read this site and sincerely hope that nothing is broken. I’ve just performed the upgrade and everything appears to be working as it should.. ..but I’d made some tweaks and updates to the site and I suspect they may cause some interference. My biggest concern is that anyone who reads these posts via the R|Mail service may now get truncated emails showing only the first portion of each post rather the the entire post. If that’s the case then I’m pretty certain I know how and where to fix it.

One delightful feature to this upgrade is a WYSIWIG composition screen. I’m a bit rubbish at writing posts in pure HTML and the formating and layout of picture elements was a major pain.

test This is a sample image and should allow me to play around with a few settings to my liking. Ignore this bit of the post as I’m only wittering on in some effort to create enough text to f-l-o-w around the image and play with formatting controls. You might even wonder just where the image comes from. Well, it shouldn’t take you long to clue yourselves up on it’s origin. I use caution though. Consider yourself warned!

Right. That should be enough simple playing. Time to publish this post and bore you all to tears!

EDIT: Looks like I still need to use my own CLASS declarations in HTML to format my picture alignments how I like them. Oh well. 🙁

EDIT2: From what I can gather, the generation of the RSS2 feed that the R|Mail emails are based on had reverted back to using the truncated posts. This has now been addressed and future R|Mails (and RSS2 feeds) will show the full post.

3 thoughts on “Moving on up”
  1. When you update, RSS tells me.

    As long as there IS something for me to read, I don’t care what little changes your provider wants to make.

    Keep up the good work.

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