Hideki Konno, lead designer of the revolutionary Nintendogs and Nintendo staple Mario Kart, is playing around with the idea of making a cooking game for the Revolution console.

“We have this game with a big wok that you use to cook Chinese food and it’s really interesting to have the meat and vegetables frying in there and use the controller to flip the food around without it spilling out of the pan,” he told Chris Kohler.

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I could make this shit up, but it seems I don’t even have to try.

3 thoughts on “Rumours of ‘Carrot Slicing’ Revolution game to become reality?”
  1. Is this a ploy to get more women into gaming? If so I think I can hear an angry mob of women for equality knocking on Konno san’s door.

    But omg! Brainstorm! They’ll get Jamie Oliver to go on the front cover and sell the game and use him as the games image and that will tie in with Sainsbury’s! I can see it happening now!

  2. It’s just an inhouse project, but it doesn’t bode well for the “revolution” that the fanboys are waiting for.

    …DS Mark 2 indeed. You can be certain that the fanboys will grasp this as a fantastic idea- no matter how stupid it seems.

  3. The female-gamer point is worth noting. I wonder if a cooking game will (for whatever reason) be heralded as “Brave game and a testament of Nintendo’s efforts to expand the gaming market into new areas – such as the female demographic” or other such spiel.

    Can you imagine if this concept was being presented by Rockstar games? What kind of ‘female demographic’ attitude of response would it likely receive?

    Is a cooking game from Nintendo automatically less sexist than a cooking game from any other company. If so, why?

    After all, Nintendo’s biggest franchises both center around the masculine hero (either butch and mustached Mario, or lean and young Link) constantly rescuing a kidnapped, defenceless princess.

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