“The only time I play is maybe the 20 minutes I spend testing rivals’ new machines, I don’t play video games in my free time. On the weekends, I fix things around the house, garden, or play the guitar. Or I’ll exercise, go swimming, take the dog for a walk, or go for a hike.”


3 thoughts on “Quote of the week”
  1. Is it sad that I knew who made that quote without clicking on the link? But indeed, its intriguing, maybe he just borrows his ideas from real life that way? Look at Pikmin.

  2. Right…dog for a walk….Nintendogs…graden…Pikmin…fix things round the house…ChibiRobot (or whatever it was called)…

    …so maybe Nintendo’s next hit will be a game about swimming or hiking!


  3. Panty, your comments and thought process lead me to some disturbing conclusions about Miyatomo (sic) and Revoltion (sic) in particular.

    The Revolution ‘nunchuck’ has been compared to single-handed joysticks of the past. Sharing a similar design to them it’s likely that a standout critcism of those old sticks will be applicable to this new one:

    “Using it is like holding someone elses penis”

    Which makes me wonder just what else Miyatomo gets up to in his free time… 🙂

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