The last time I wore any sort of viewing aid it was in London’s Trocadero Sega World arcade to try out the new and exciting VR Headsets. The results were disappointing, even for a skeptic. So it was with low expectations and reserved excitement that I headed off to see Monsters vs Aliens in 3D at the cinema in town.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect to be honest. Initially I was underwhelmed and questioned whether the RealD glasses I was given were arguing with my regular glasses and dampening the 3D effect as I found myself straining to spot differences between what I was seeing and what a regular viewing might be. For the most part the benefit of the 3D presentation seemed to be that foreground and background in scenes were that much more boldly defined. Whilst pleasing this was hardly a stunning or memorable enhancement.

So I was delighted when, barely five seconds into the movie, I found myself instinctively flinching to avoid a seemingly massive object hurtling out of the screen towards me! Clearly the technology works and it is up to the film-makers to exploit it by creating scenes that can accomodate events that lend themselves to making the most of it. Some of these are gloriously contrived but still great fun whilst others seemed to be a great marriage of enjoyable exposition enhanced by this special effect.

One such scene depicts the giant Susan being shown around a secret miliatary complex by a jetpack-endowed General. He seemingly flits about in to and out of the screen to great and enjoyable effect.

All in all, I really ended up enjoying the experience. It certainly helped that the movie it was attached to was entertaining and funny. I would definitely favour seeing a movie in a 3D presentation over a traditional 2D one when the option is available.

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