Truly it’s not. But the needle on my irony meter went into the red this morning when I collected my newsfeeds from the lovely google reader and noticed a certain popular gaming news site/blog bleating about how the geek section of TIME no longer wants to be friends with them.

I’m not going to pretend that my earlier comments have radically changed anyone’s views about anything or have raised levels of awareness that TIME are now furthering. I guess I just appreciate the timing of the sentiment.

Most people will learn of the post from TIME via Kotaku. Or, more specifically a Kotaku post with an “Evil Empire” sensationalist heading and a childish view of a reasoned statement. No prizes for guessing the tone of comments that such a post generates.

The best bit, in my opinion, is the first comment on the TIME article’s page. It’s written by a Kotaku employee and, rather than addressing any of the points raised in the original article, resorts to playing tit-for-tat. The comments that follow are what you’d expect. This predictable nature of them is particularly evident in those who disagree with the TIME article. One even goes as far to suggest that the article was only written in order to garner some sort of sensationalist internet publicity.

Damn. My irony meter just broke!

2 thoughts on “This is not a crusade”
  1. Those pesky runts at Kotaku! I cut ties with them long ago, during the dark ages of post E3 2006.

    I tried to find the article about this in Kotaku but couldn’t, bah, I’m not missing much anyways!

    How come you don’t hang around Gamesey anymore, man? We miss you! (specially me 🙁 ). Come pay us a visit sometime!

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