Yes, hibernation is my excuse for the lack of updates this time. I suppose I could play on some religious subtext about coming back from apparent death to create a new post on koffdrop.com and give a sly wink and a nod to Easter but that’d be a bit vulgar so I won’t bother. Ho ho.

Did you know that I’ve been working on a game for a little over twenty-three months? Two years of my life gone! As yet, the game has not been announced but I’m sure the world will learn of it soon enough. I’m genuinely excited by the game. Far more than I ever expected to be. A lot of that comes from the talent and dedication of those that I’m working with. I’m a total fanboy about it all and I feel absolutely no shame. I also think that the game has some genuinely cool stuff going on it it. It justifies itself as a truly next-gen could-not-have-been-done-on-older-machines game too. I’m fantastically lucky to be involved in such a title. There’s nothing more that I can really say about it other than it’s going to be awesome and that everyone should buy themselves a copy or ten.

Generally speaking I’m pretty chipper. I’m sure there’s a long angsty-ridden rant inside of me somewhere but right now I’m feel ok with most things. So, let me bring a few things to your attention.

Firstly – The timeline gizmo in my sidebar. I installed this at the start of my Christmas holiday in 2007. I realised I’d seen lots of movies and played lots of games but not really kept track of anything. This gizmo is actually very detailed and capable but I’ll mainly use it to plot of movies, games and other events. It’s not linked to posts made on this site (although I’m sure some tinkering could make that happen) but it’s pretty groovy nonetheless. Clicking an event opens a bubble with some details. All the movies and games I mark have a brief comment on them and a link where relevant.

To learn more about the timeline gadget, go to it’s site.

Secondly – I’m rather busy these days. Yes, yes, I keep saying that but it’s still true. Work is likely to becoming increasingly hectic/exciting and equally likely to impact on any extra curricular activities I engage in. Particularly those that involve effort. Like updating my website. It’s all good though – I’m having the time of my life.

Thirdly – stuff that I’m interested in at the time of writing:

  • Grand Theft Auto 4 – I became a huge fan of San Andreas and I’m literally counting the days until GTA4’s release.
  • ForumwarzIt’s very silly, quite rude, rather funny and a great lunchtime distraction.
  • Movies – How great is this year going to be? SO GREAT, that’s how great!
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 – I’ve loved all the Metal Gear games, I’m expecting to love this. If you were disappointed by MGS2 then this study of it may make you reconsider.

Finally – not that anyone should really care apart from me but I think I may have dealt with the influx of comment-spam that koffdrop.com was drowning in.

And that’s it for now. All is good. I’m involved in one or two web-projects that are in their infancy but will hopefully turn out to be worthwhile. More on that soon. (ish).