Aw heck. You know how it is. Feast or famine.

Yes, it’s been quiet on the front recently. The main reason is because I’ve been enjoying playing videogames. See, shortly after getting a 360 (it’s still working folks!) I purposefully switched it off and attacked some older, previous gen games, that had been on my to-do list for a while. Having been through most console generations I know how older, unplayed games get totally forgotten. Heck, I’ve still got SNES games I want to complete.

So, having my interest piqued by media buzz, I’ve recently sliced and diced my way through Manhunt and Killzone. Before that I worked through Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. More recently, Kameo and Marvel Ultimate Alliance have fallen at my gamesplaying might. Somewhere amongst that lot I beat Kirby Squeak Squad (all treasures found) on DS too. So that’s six games since the last BEATEN post. Not too shabby.

I’ve managed to get through the games by simply refusing to play anything else other than the current game of the moment. Cutting down on internet activities such as updating is another ingredient of my games-beating recipe. I’ve been enjoying the games and pleased as punch to get the extra mileage out of systems that could have been left switched off forever.

The other thing that’s been competing for my time is the insane number of movies I’ve been seeing. I think we’re through the summer blockbuster season – just a Pixar flick and The Bourne Ultimatum to go. I think I’ve seen every summer movie going and a lot of them haven’t lived up to their status. For what it’s worth, the ones I enjoyed or had the most surprisingly fun time at were Die Hard 4.0, Hairspray and the superb Zodiac. I’m serious about Hairspray, by the way.

And that’s all for now. Other than to say, Games Radar has an article stating Miyamoto’s displeasure at Haze’s focus on drugs.

I have one word for you Miyamoto: mushrooms

4 thoughts on “Catching up”
  1. Ah shut up Miyamoto, ffs. (Bet you thought that was going to end aimed at you eh? :P)

    How did you find Manhunt, did you play it with a headset?

    In my world, i completed Fear Effect 1 and 2 on the Psone again, have you played them Koff, they’re like the old Resi games with far nicer visuals and better puzzles, tickle the old brain!

    Also, I beat Tenchu 1 and 2 on the PSone, the PSone had some great little titles.

    I’m going to complete Fear Effect 2 again!

  2. I played Fear Effect 1 for a bit but found it quite unbalanced and with annoying load times. I think the sequel is famed for it’s girl-on-girl kissing scene. Maybe that’s why you’re playing it again?

    I never got into Tenchu games. I hear the new 360 one is pretty poor.

  3. Oh no no (It’s not the kissing scene i’d be playing it again for anyway..:P), I find the sequel easier to play, what with death made easier due to no loading when you screw up a puzzle and die, dunno if it’s story is more clever though…probably better puzzles anyway, what did you find unbalanced about the first if you don’t mind me dragging this out a bit longer?

  4. I think the learning curve in the first game was all over the place and unforseen spikes in gameplay challenges just didn’t fit with where I was at that part of the game. The loading/reloading just underlined it. I wanted to like the game, I thought it looked really distinctive too.

    As for protracted discussions, hey, that’s what I have a discussion area. 🙂

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