No doubt, those of you with an interest in games will now be familiar with a forthcoming title called LittleBigPlanet that appears to be creating considerable buzz.

I don’t know about you, but I found the footage shown to be very appealing and I think that a lot of that is down to that great soundtrack.

The music’s by a band called The Go! Team and is taken from their album Thunder, Lightening, Strike. If you want to have a listen to the ditty in question just push the button below.

Get it Together – The Go! Team

One thought on “That game, that music”
  1. LBP looks rather good, I must admit. VERY good, in fact. But £425 good? Nah.

    Besides, there’s a certain game called Space Giraffe coming soon, and I have my MS points ready to make a purchase. Minter is God!

    Gamertag: AbsintheMatt

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