Those few of us that bought the PAL PlayStation game Castlevania – Symphony of the Night will recall with some smugness that the package contained an audio CD and artbook. A pretty good deal and one that fetches a fair price on ebay.

Well, look lively, because the second Nintendo DS Castlevania game (Portrait of Ruin) has a pretty spiffy pre-order incentive in the US:

Order Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for the Nintendo DS and receive a Castlevania 25th Anniversary Gift Pack FREE! Gift Pack includes a Soundtrack CD, DS Stylus, DS Game case that holds 2 games and a Castlevania art book! Offer good while supplies last.

Now, that’s pretty nice!

I’m only aware of it being on offer at EBGames / Gamestop sites in the US. The EB product page is here. The price is $39.99 plus $15.99 international shipping which when you feed it into a currency converter comes out to a reasonable £29.73. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the UK retail price of the standard game be £29.99 when it eventually comes out over here – so it’s a no brainer for people like me! US street date is 5th December.

The game itself looks extremely good – and sure to please fans of the Castlevania series.

I’ve ordered from EB online only once before and that’s for the Final Fantasy XII Special Edition (poncy box). For some reason it took a number of times for the site to accept my details but I got there in the end. Seeing as neither of the games I’ve ordered are out yet I can’t comment on the delivery service or speed. If any readers of this site have any experience of them be sure to let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Castlevania – Preorder or regret it”
  1. What’re EB Games’ shipping options like for people outside the US? That set looks fairly cool, and nothing makes me import quicker than a pretty box.

  2. Carefully sidestepping Castlevania 64 eh Al? 😉
    I had no intention of getting the new Castlevania until it was in a bargain bin somewhere. But i’m a sucker for little extras.

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