With my recent PC woes I’d been doing lots of unplugging and plugging in of cables and whatnot. The back of my computer desk resembled black spaghetti and I’d felt that a tidy-up was in order. With some cable-ties located I set about unplugging absolutely everything in this room – all the PC shenanigans and the console stuff too.

Three hours later it all looked a fair bit better and I felt hot and sweaty and virtuous.

Getting back online and checking a few things I was stunned to see my download rate go well above it’s norm and into the high 400kbps margin. I guess I hadn’t realised that my ISP had upgraded my service and until I’d reset my cable-modem (by unplugging it from the wall and it’s connection for a period of time) it had been using it’s earlier speed settings.

I don’t really know why cable-modems seems to have this sort of memory for things. I recall that I’d phoned my ISP’s service department (not the nightmare experience that many people seem to have experienced) to ask why I seemed my connection had appeared to slow down. I didn’t really get an answer but I did get a solution – switch off, disconnect and unplug the cable modem and PC for about 5 minutes, reconnect and it should have sorted itself out. The old adage of when in doubt, reboot seems to apply to this apparatus as much as any other.

So, all in all, a good result. I’m a bit happier knowing my cables are a little better organised and my broadband is now at 4mb. The only problem is finding enough goodies to download to make the most of it!

Ah.. life is good 😀

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