I think that bowl might be some addon that Nintendo will release at a later date. Speculate about it NOW!

5 thoughts on “Would you buy Wii off these folks?”
  1. I’m going to resist using obvious kidney jokes here… no WAY would my grandad stand on the couch like that and hes totally ignorant to anything past the 1980’s. Are Nintendo reaching an audience that doesn’t exist? Japan says no.

  2. The “Revolutionary” new controller allows you to stand on your sofa while playing the hottest game on the block, Super mario 1949! The innovative, interactive “Bowel/ bowl” technology syncs with youre body on your now overdue bowel movements, and automatically triggers an annoying popup on your wii alerting you to a potentially catastropic situation! Game in full confort and control of both your bowels and your wii. Only on Nintendo Wii – We dont take the pi55 with your gaming! 😀 😀

  3. Did your nickname used to be Mr.Pong?
    Do you enjoy calm activities, that enjoy no unnecessary violence or foul language?
    Do you need to get up and take your pills every 5 minutes?
    Do you need to stand up all the time because your damn back keeps acting up?

    Well then… you shouldn’t really be playing video games at all… but what the hell… just don’t come crying to us when the seizures start!

  4. I think they only got a wii in because pensions aren’t doing so well at the moment; they couldn’t quite afford a 360.

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