Hello folks, just a quick note to let you know I’m without a computer, phone or even a desk as I start my new job.

As such, I’m not getting to see much of (or comment on) what’s happening at E3 until I get home in the evenings – at which point there’s so much information to digest that I simply don’t know where to begin!

So, do me a favour and add a couple of comments and links to let me know what you think I should be focusing my attention on.

Much appreciated! 😐

9 thoughts on “Feed me E3”
  1. Well, I just saw Nintendo’s conference, which was all about revolutionary new controllers and less revolutionary new games like uh, mario, metroid and zelda. I think this one can run for the big contradiction of 2006 ;p
    On the other hand, and maybe you already know, the PS3’s controller will be a motion-sensitive dualshock 😉
    The most impressive Wii (no it’s not like the name Google at all) game shown was Red Steel, from Ubisoft.
    The PS3 conference was on yesterday, and had, admittedly, a much larger wow-factor. But then again, you pay for that. Nintendo didn’t mention a price yet, allthough I thought they said they would.
    Oh, it did look funny (in a positive way) when they played Tennis with the Wii controller.

  2. I think you’ll particularly appreciate the first few minutes of the Nintendo conference Koff. I know I did.

  3. Yeah, I just watched the conference. I want to hit Reggie in the face with a Dual Shock. He’s full of it.

    But apart from that, I watched the game reel and thought: I’ve played all these games before. These games aren’t new. ONE FACET is new. That’s not redefining games in my book. And a hell of a lot of those games aren’t even ones I’d play anyway.

    And remember when I called Miyamoto Nintendo’s “Performing Monkey”…? I think the start of that vid shows it all. That was cringeworthy.

    I’m still not saying wow – unless it’s “wow, I can’t believe you showed video where the frame rate dropped so obviously”

  4. Yeah, the Sony tilt thing is blatant and I’m sure the fanboys will be going “RIPOFF” – but if anything, it’s a ripoff of the tilt in GB cartridges like Kirby’s Tilt N Tumble rather than Wii.

    What it does do, of course, is considerably dampen the impact of Nintendo’s controller by directly competing with it.

    That’s not as bad as it might sound. Based on what Nintendo revealed about 3rd party Wii support (which was pretty bad – I wouldn’t be proud of announcing Spongebob in your anticipated 2006 press conference) it could mean that if PS3 and Wii are not worlds apart then cross-platform development for both might be more commonplace. This can only help Nintendo.

    Apart from that, I still haven’t seen anything from Nintendo that has represented a new game. I see the same old tricks (selling two versions of the same game? That’ll be Nintendo). I’ve seen some bad Gamecube graphics (and some good), I’ve head some phrases like “We know what you expect – and we’ll give you a lot of it” which makes me say “oh”, not “wow” and has a tone of predictability to it.

    The believers will believe and repeat the spin of course. I’m not one of them and Nintendo, once again, have failed to do enough to answer any of the questions and doubts I have about their ability to deliver the gaming experience that interests me.

  5. I think Sony have commited a big mistake though. The price of the PS3 is possibly too much, and a lot of people could be put off. Certainly I am little hesitant in buying a PS3 now. Still, I will probably buy one, but will Sony’s market of this generation?

  6. Well, after seeing some new XBox360 footage, I wonder… Sony’s machine, from the looks of it, hardly displays all that much better looking stuff. The gorgeous Halo 3 announcement trailer has nothing that makes it look worse than what was shown for PS3. And the Xbox 360 is cheaper.
    Also, it seems Shadow of the Colossus has made the way free for huge enemies; nearly every game has a bunch of them now 😉

  7. “And remember when I called Miyamoto Nintendo’s “Performing Monkey???…? I think the start of that vid shows it all. That was cringeworthy.”
    Ah come on, that was awesome, I want a game like that, but I have always like the idea of composing.

    “These games aren’t new. ONE FACET is new. That’s not redefining games in my book.”

    What one?
    It’s really just the control that’s ment to be new I guess.

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