Hello folks!

As regular visitors to koffdrop.com will have noticed, there’s been a flurry of posts in the last few days. In fact, we’re talking over 50 posts.

What’s going on? Has Koffdrop turned into some news-posting junkie?

The answer is no. I’ve been playing with some things behind the scenes that allow me to provide a huge content-boost to this site.

Many of the posts, in fact all of the posts under the reBlogged category, are not of my creation. On my server, there is a rather clever news aggregator. All my favourite feeds are in there and I read through the news and flag anything that I find particularly pertinent to me and my interests. With a push of a button, these flagged news items get sent to the front page of koffdrop.com. The origin of these posts is always shown at the bottom of each item.

If you wish to subscribe exclusively to these cherry-picked news items you can do so by adding this address to your news/rss collector. You’ll find this address at the very bottom of every page on koffdrop.com.

If you are subscribed to the R|Mail distribution of koffdrop.com (to do so, simply enter your email into the box at the top of the sidebar on the right) then you’ll not be blitzed with 40 or so emails every time I publish my day or two’s worth of news items. Only items personally crafted by yours truly will appear in the R|Mail deliveries, reBlogs won’t appear.

Also, due to a bit of tweaking, you can expect to stumble upon streaming content in some of my posts. Any videos that I personally add (as opposed to ones added via reBlogging) will be placed under the video category so you can always find them quickly should you ever want to.

And that’s about it for now. If you have any questions, criticism, suggestions or recommended newsfeeds then I’m all ears.

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