How ironic. I can provide a feed to Next Generation Online on my own site (see the Games feed on the top nav-bar) but, at work, I can’t visit the site itself.

These restrictions allow me to see the world of videogames news from the perspective of your typical shoot-first-ask-questions-never gamer:

Sony Admits PS3 Delay ‘Possible’
Few in the industry believe that PlayStation 3 will launch in the spring. It looks like Sony may be ready to announce a delay. A company spokesperson has admitted that a delay is possible. 

Hey, based on that headline I can almost hear the hate-threads being written and the haters crowing “told you so!”

Although I can’t visit it, I’m expecting “News with attitude” Sony hate site Evil Avatar to lead the mob.

I don’t give a monkeys about buying hardware on day one. To me it’s a mug’s game. Pay the highest price for the least support and fewest games. No thanks!

My personal opinion is that a rushed release is a bad idea. Furthermore Microsoft has forced the next generation on this industry. I can’t blame them for wanting Round 2 to start as quickly as possible and to get that all-important lead on their competitors. However, I think if Sony were to be seen dancing to Microsoft’s tune and pushing out the PS3 as soon as possible it would look BAD.

Well, bad to those who have an appreciation of how the industry work beyond claiming how Sony must deliberately make their machines go wrong just after warranty and other such likely stories.

Would the current generation leader being dictated to by the new kid on the block look like a GOOD thing?

Would a dominant Japanese company, a nation who own the industry more than any other, look good taking it’s cues from an American company?

Assuming your mentality is not a flag-waving american Xbox fan then your considered answer should be ‘no’.

Regardless, delays by Sony will be  lasciviously profiled by the kind of sites with an agenda, whilst championing Zelda delays, DS Lite shortages or rushed, overheating hardware as A GOOD THING.

Let’s keep it in perspective huh?

4 thoughts on “Sony haters – today is your day!”
  1. A delay is a delay, equally good as it is bad. Gives me more time to save up and means I should hopefully be able to afford each console at launch. I know it’s a bit pathetic doing that, but you get a certain rush off getting it and playing it a launch. Although, to be honest it was pretty pointless for me getting the 360 (especially without a hard drive).

    As long as the UK doesn’t get the PSP treatment, it doesn’t bother me.

  2. Expug, thanks for your comments and sorry for them taking so long to appear.

    New commentators at won’t see their statements appear until they’ve been approved by me. Add a 5 to 7 hour time difference and it’s understandable that some may think that their comments are being deliberately withheld.

    The topic about me was an entertaining but mostly predictable read. It was particularly disheartening to find people commenting and making assumptions on what I said when they had clearly failed to read the entire article. That’s the “shoot first” mentality I refer to.

    It’s also sad that, even though information is freely available at my site, at the top of every single page, readers still don’t understand where I’m coming from and prefer to paint me in such black and white tones.

    To those that think I’m bitter or hold a grudge, maybe that’s true. However, the mentality and behaviour of many at Evil Avatar is the same every time I look – so it really should come as no surprise to anyone that my view of them should remain the same.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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