You know, I really enjoy games, but I absolutely love the industry and culture. With 2005 and Hot Coffee going around I find myself reading GamePolitics at lot more than I used to. As it suggests, it’s about games and the real world rather than scoring some interview with Miyamoto.

A short piece on the site states:

Movers and shakers: The stuffy Wall Street Journal (can’t read their website without a subscription) has named a list of key video game industry players. Luckily, joystiq does have a WSJ sub, so we can leech onto their recounting of the list.

Notably included: ESA honcho Doug Lowenstein “This man is fending off attacks from rabid, misguided politicians who are looking for a galvanizing election issue. He’s got his work cut out for him.“; Professor Edward Castronova (MMO economy expert): “ He writes about games from an academic perspective. Pretty cool gig, if you can get it.“; Sam Houser, Rockstar Games: “ He’s the “Quentin Tarantino of videogame designers.

Notably not included: Jack Thompson

It’s not often you see understatement used on the internet so I thought that last line was well worth a mention. 😀

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