This is just too awesome to be true. Finally, no more need to use those aching neck muscles. Why hold your own head when this wonderfully sturdy support can do it for you? Get the edge in your favourite murder simulators now that you don’t need to waste energy fighting gravity.

This guy will put on 14 stone in 6 weeks

Head here for details on this exciting product!

And, whilst keeping with the vaguely jovial tone, allow me to direct you towards a particularly good issue of VG Cats.

3 thoughts on “Laziness Is The Mother Of All Inventions”
  1. I like the CD-I reference in that comic.
    I really do 😉 fact, it brings back memories…. like trying to play games with a remote……

    On the subject of remotes….
    The PS2 remote predates the Revolution controller. 😉
    actually I am using my PS2 remote (third party clone actually, but whatever) in one particular game in which it actually kinda works.
    I also TRIED using it as a Beatmania controller but that kinda failed 😉
    (hey, real gamers do the innovation themselves, y’know =P )

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