Giant Killing

Guys and girls, get ready for some spoilers!

Although the majestic Shadow of the Colossus isn’t available in Europe for another few weeks it appears to be getting the speed-run treatment in the far east.

I’ve not seen all the footage yet but the fact that the last Colossi can be beaten in a mere 2:18, a time that includes the hazardous approach as well as the ascent, is pretty astounding.

I love speed-runs at the best of times, and I love Shadow of the Colossus. This stuff is great!

Shadow of the Colossus – Speed-runs

It goes without saying that if you watch this stuff without having already beaten the game then you’ll ruin some surprises. Typically, the speed-runs do stuff in a way that breaks the expected path through the game – you won’t necessarily learn the intended way of beating the game by watching these – but you will definitely dampen the effect of the game if you intend to play it yourself.

Whilst on the topic of lesser-seen bits of Shadow of the Colossus you may want to have a gander at the NICO concept reel. NICO was the original project name for SotC and this footage is great. It shows that the original concept must have been pretty sound a good three and a half years ago as there doesn’t seem that much that’s changed from what’s was presented in this video. You’ll swear the opening vistas are real-world footage too. Enjoy.

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