Give thanks! The dry season is over! Here in the UK we don’t know, care or celebrate Thanksgiving at all. We have Guy Fawkes – a guy with a sense of occasion. Of course, in the US Thanksgiving is is a big deal. In fact, it’s a huge deal an absolutely enormous commercial holiday season. As far as retail trade is concerned Thanksgiving is bigger than christen.

Summary: big games are coming!

Lets see, Fahrenheit (aka Indigo Prophecy) went gold yesterday, Rebelstar Tactical Command shipped on GBA yesterday, the Shadow of the Colossus hit my PS2 yesterday (yay!) and the long awaited Age of Empires 3 demo appeared yesterday. The latter weighs in at a less than 400mb install file – pretty good compared to Dungeon Siege 2’s 1gb+ download size.

Not bad for a Wednesday, I think you’ll agree.

In a couple of weeks time the latest installment of the Burnout series will be with us. Whilst it’s not the same technical jump from 2 to 3 that we saw last year there’s more than enough stuff introduced in it’s look, style and mechanics to warrant proper investigation. The usual EA doubters and dismissive types can snort, but I believe it’s them that’ll be losing out, not EA.

So, get ready for the season of gaming overload. The summer drought is over and the trickle that started recently is sure to become a flood.

Yes, I played Shadow of the Colossus. Yes it was awesome. My views will appear later on today.

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