Isn’t it funny how things go? I mean, I’ve been playing a lot of Sega stuff recently (ok, Outrun 2) and been talking about Virtua Fighter with J over the weekend. Now, with the JAMMA 2005 show underway Sega are hogging my mental spotlight with their bizarrely named arcade hardware and that “oh wow” picture of Virtua Fighter 5. And yes, I know the world and his dog are showing this image but you *know* I’ll make it up to you.

In my travels for more JAMMA news and a definitive yay or nay on the topic of the rumoured Streetfighter 4 (the nays have it) I stumbled upon this pic and promptly decided to steal it. Now, I’m not the type that goes wild for any picture of an Asian girl, but this one’s impossibly endearing and will probably have the sort of guy that does get a hardon for J-pop girls grabbing for the kleenex:

For the few people that read this blog and are of dubious moral fibre – yes, I know you’re going to nick the image. Just keep coming back – you never know when more good stuff’ll turn up.

I have a rant lined up for later. Watch out.

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