After countless years playing offline and resisting the temptations of Ultima Online, Everquest and the like I find myself doing a complete about face.

As the more observant will have noticed from my wishlist, I am a spanking new player at Guild Wars. To be perfectly honest with you I’ve played it so little I can’t even give you much feed back. It’s very pretty, I like the way it takes no time to load and I look forward to questing with some like-minded geeks from The Society. If anyone is interested I found that did the best offer on the game – a measly ?17.99. Nice one.

Ah, but there’s more. I’m venturing into LIVE territory. Xbox Live. I don’t know why but I was utterly convinced it would be nigh-on impossible for me to set up my Xbox the way I wanted it. I was very nearly proved right until a fellow Socialite showed me that I was being dumb in Windows XP. I have the hardware and cabling set the way I want it and, wouldn’t you know, my Xbox Live pack arrived from Amazon at work today. I’ll be trying it out and no doubt getting my ass handed to me at Halo 2 and Outrun 2 tonight.

I’m not sure why I’ve decided to go online. I’m sure that NTL fattening my pipe to 2mb for nothing (and imposing an unregulated download cap at the same time) has a lot to do with it. My upload speed is still lacking but I’ve not worried about that until now as I’m what they call a leecher. The fact that MMORPGs and Xbox Live are a regular topic of excited debate at The Society has made me increasingly curious. I certianly don’t want to live online – at least, no more than I do already. I’ve no interest in getting married to some polygons in a fantasy world. I’ve also no desire to be insulted by strangers over an Xbox Live headset. Perhaps my reservations are unfounded. Perhaps I’m just paranoid. I guess we’ll see.

GTA:SA still has a vice-like grip (geddit?) over me. I’m so gay for GTA that when I’m not hunting down graffiti in Los Santos I’m scooting around on the very respectable GBA version of the game. Some people didn’t like it on GBA. I thought it was pretty respectable. The frame-rate suffers sometimes and there’s not the audio variety in the PC/Console versions of the game but considering the limitations of the hardware it’s as good as anyone can expect.. ..until Liberty Cities Stories on PSP blows it away.

As I’m getting busier at work and home expect to the slower updates of this blog to continue. Your co-operation is appreciated.

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