There were actually a number of things I found quite blogworthy in my trawl around the interweb yesterday. However, my pesky full-time job got in the way of it all. So, to the thousands of you that read this, here’s a summary in classic News at 10 format:


Rail congestion charged proposed
In a ‘so absurd it could only come from British politics’ kind of way, it now appears that the success of London’s road congestion charge is to be considered for rail. Surely, rail congestion has increased (God knows how, I can’t see how they can cram more sardines into those tins) because of the road charges. Now Alistair “I don’t actually use public transport” Darling is saying the same concept will solve rail’s woes?

I suspect the plan is to alternate between hiking up road and rail charges so that poor commuters endlessly ping-pong between the lesser of the two evils.

What I’d really like to know is where all this extra money is going? I see charges always on the increase but I don’t see it being spent.

God I’m glad I don’t commute through London any more!


You know how you’ve always suspected that the ‘next piece’ display in Tetris is ALWAYS giving you the worst piece possible? Well it wasn’t. This new Linux version of Tetris on the other hand, uses complex algorithms and geeky science to make your block-falling experience as painful as possible.

Government bureaucrats worldwide have expressed an interest.


Command line for the web
For those of you who recall typing commands to get results (Try “Format C:”) you’ll like this. It looks like Google but behaves like CMD. Typing “gim Lara Croft” does a Google Image Search for Lara Croft. Faster than clicking. Brain not included.


Videogames-in-the-news hat-trick!
The Good: Videogame teaches kids conflict resolution
The Bad: Official – Parents ignore videogame ratings (until it’s too late)
The Ugly: Senator Denounces Game Still Under Developement


Someone likes my words and has requested 300 on a regular basis (hey, it’s a start)

BONG! have new screenshots of Shadow of the Colussus and expanded gameplay speculation.


That’s the headlines. Update at 11. Goodnight.

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