Wasted FAR TOO much of the bank holiday playing FFX and SoF2. Gotta say, they’re both shaping up into some very classy games. I’ve been informed that I’m about 55% of the way through SoF2 (I’m in the hospital levels at present) and loving it. It’s pushing my poor old P600 a bit hard at present but I’m getting there!

FFX on the other hand is slick as hell and I’ve really got into the stride of things. I’ve always found one of the most satisfying (and defining) parts of an RPG is the levelling-up of your party characters. Well in FFX the levelling up is handled superbly. You get to determine (by travelling along an ‘experience’ map dotted with abilities) in what way and areas your characters will improve. Very satisfying.

Well, back in the office today. I put my last project (Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 for GBA) to bed before I left for Crete at the start of May. On my return I looked after Eggo PS2 and GameCube along with Kelly Slaters Pro Surfer on GBA for about a week or so whilst their producers buggered off to the sun (bah! SOME people FINISH their projects before going on vacation!). So now I’ll be on Batman: Dark Tomorrow for PS2 and X-Box which should get finished by around November time. I’m sure I’ll enlighten you with the occaisional rant about it.

Anyway, a little later on today I’ll be able to edit this site with Dreamweaver MX. Woo. Yup, good old e-donkey has come up trumps and found some more tasty software. I love that program.. almost as much as I love ShareReactor.


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