My new favourite acronym, standing for:

Games Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits

Clearly I’m so far behind the times that GJAIF is so hip and cool with the kids it even has its own site:

A catalogue of the stupid, incompetent, and generally retarded things gaming journalists say and do.

We dedicate time every day to scouring gaming news sites for dumb shit. More often than not we find it on Kotaku or Destructoid, where “random crap that pops into my head” qualifies as genuine journalism for some reason.

Hello GJAIF, welcome to my RSS reader!


So, what’s been going on since my last infrequent update?

Well, I’ve ratched up another year of my life. I’ve nothing significant to say about that.

My PlayStation 3 has decided that it will no-longer acknowledge the presence of its blu-ray drive. Quite an inconvenience given the nature of many of the birthday presents I received. I’m still undecided as how best to remedy the situation.

I’ve watched a number of unremarkable moves. Inception and Toy Story 3 being remarkable exceptions.

I’m witnessing some of the most staggeringly immature office politics I’ve ever seen in my life, mismanaged by a line-manager who appears shy of confrontations and clearly prefers to deal with things rather than people.

Those politics are only slightly more staggering the the complete Animal Farm of a wreck of a forum started with good intentions that has been swallowed up wholesale by egotism, nerdpride and intolerance. Some nerds, it seems, consider themselves more equal than others.

I’ve no doubt that somewhere you can buy a nerd tshirt with that formula written on the front and probably paraphrased in Yoda-english on the back.

And, erm, that’s it.

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