• Win X-Factor
  • Use Twitter
  • See my mother or sister
  • Discover a cure for cancer
  • Buy a videogame
  • Be employed

2010 will be somewhat different.

7 thoughts on “Things I didn’t do in 2009”
  1. Fair play mate… I suspect

    1, 2 & 4 are likely to be repeated.. 3,5 & 6? Go for it….

    And if you add catching up with me to the list, you’ll be able to borrow all those games you’ve been threatening to.. just so you can leave them on the shelf for a few months 😉

  2. I’m revealing nothing of my plans for 2010 just yet…

    ..but let’s just say I’ve been learning all the words to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to impress someone!

  3. S’okay mate.. as much as I luv ya.. I don’t think the world is that bothered about your 2010 plans 😉

    And I can’t remember whether you possess mad Kar40k3 sk1llz or not, but it should be a true test of love for that special someone you wanna impress to sit through Lady GooGoo or whatever her name is!! Best of Luck 😀

  4. Bad Times, I had a pretty shit 2009 too. Let’s make games together Koff! I’ll make some badly textured models with pretty poor art direction and you can do everything else! 😉

  5. Hello Retroid, long time no see. I recall your contribution to The Gong Of Terror. Funny how things work out isn’t it?

    2009 certainly could have been better but I’ll certainly be a little more appreciative of all those little treats I used to take for granted now I can indulge in them again. Never a bad lesson to be learned I suppose.

    As tempting as your offer of collaboration is, I think I’ll let you energetic Bright Young Things take the reigns. I do have a couple of concepts for The Best Game Ideas You Ever Heard Of but if I told you, I’d have to kill you. Sorry bub.

    I’m not in the industry any more though my passion for games and the mechanics of their development will always be strong. There’s aspects I’ll miss and there’s aspects I won’t. I’ll always be head and shoulders above some numpties though. 😉

    I know that, during my breaks from working in the industry, I’ve revelled in the chance to simply be a punter and play a game for what it is without analysing it against the stuff being worked on at the office. With a new God of War and a new Final Fantasy around the corner I’d say that’s an ideal place to be.

    So, Retroid, where do you hang out online these days?

  6. Yeah it was nice to finally meet you! Really wasn’t too sure how you would react to seeing me in real life but I suppose silly arguments on the internet and real life are two entirely different things. I’m glad to say that it was an amazing evening with Free Radical and I thoroughly enjoyed myself – but why on earth that droplet wank won is beyond me?

    As for great gaming ideas I’ve got plenty of my own.. But my dream at the moment would be to acquire the licence for Hogs of War and work on a much needed sequal! There’s such a huge gap in the market with the 3D Worms being utter crap and all.

    Anyway I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of working in the industry and all that; I think I would be much happier keeping it as a hobby – but then again if some indy developer wants a few assets for a quick buck I’m not going to say no. Currently working on the Hammer editor making maps for TF2. Waiting for the next big competition before I throw myself into a big project though, It’s a lot of fun :).

    Online I hang around RLLMUK mostly, as well as a couple of modding sites. Been going there for something like 5 years now and it’s a really enjoyable community (grown up and immature in the right places respectively). I think Numpty is there as well but if you wanted to join RLLMUK – it has enough activity that I’m pretty sure you two would barely even see each other.

    Anyway, I hope you have a better 2010 and maybe we could go for a drink at some point? (Although I’m kind of in Stoke at the moment but I visit Derby/Nottingham once in a while.)

  7. Hmm, RLLMUK, far too clicquey for my tastes. Stories of being outcast for expressing opinions that don’t fit in with the rest of the herd are numerous.

    Drinks would be good. I’m in Nottingham city centre a lot these days so I’ll throw some contact details to you at the email address you registered here with and maybe we can work something out.

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