Star Wars: Battlefront 3 leaked footage

There’s a lot I could say about this but I won’t. Personally I can imagine the spot a lot of Free Radical’s staff must feel put in given that many were made redundant just before Christmas 2008.

However, NDAs are there for a reason. If work is produced by a human for a company and it’s clearly been stated that the company owns the work then that’s that. If I was an employer looking at a portfolio of work you’d purposefully publicised without permission and in direct conflict with the owning company’s wishes then I’d have to consider just what sort of discipline and professional outlook you have and whether you’d treat me the same way as your last employer.

For those that don’t have to (or choose not to) consider that side of things, enjoy the blurry footage and stirring music.

Update 22/01/09: Looks like LucasArts have got shirty on sites hosting the leaked footage and it’s been pulled.