No, I’ve no idea what the word means either.

It’s the self-appointed name of an old school-buddy of mine who has just started to tip his toes into the fascinating and incredibly exciting world of blogging. He’s off to a good start and I think you’ll find his writing and attitude far more easy going than my typically angsty and confrontational style.

Check him out.

Oh, and you earn brownie points for identifying the origin of the phrase that adorns the top of his site. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Balenolad”
  1. Balenolad is so named after his beloved Baleno that the drove for many years, and I had the fortune of cramming my overlardy torso into it on many an occassion.

    He’s also a mad BTTF (that’s Back to the Future for the pop culture backward) fan and in fact myself Balenolad and Koffdrop saw BTTF II together in the West End when it first came out. He’s a little anal with regards to time keeping – and if memory serves me correctly we were a bit late and he literally self imploded.

    But it was ok as we then went to a BTTF marathon where we saw all 3 films consecutively at the same time.

    My blog which clearly shows i’m more learned and actually read books and stuff can be found here:


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