Ah, sensationalism and tabloid journalism. Is there a more perfectly matched symbiotic mix of wrongness? Probably not.

I read a neat story entitled “Matt Damon, you big fat jerk!” which does a superb job in demonstrating how, with a little research (erm.. clicking on web links and reading things in full) the truth of a story can be quite at odds with the eye-catching distilled version that most of the public read.

Thanks to Game Set Watch for the heads up – and for the trackbacks to a certain other post.

Speaking of journlism, Bruce posted a link to a rather bold article in The Guardian that may make those of us tired with the way the mass media mistreats videogames feel a whole lot better.

Happy reading.

5 thoughts on “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”
  1. I can perfectly understand Matt Damon having something better to do than to star in a game based on a movie he was in. He’s not unique in that aspect either.
    The rest that was made up is just laughable.

    As for journalism… there’s truth about the violence being an often-seen subject in mainstream media, BUT I’ve never seen Jack Thompson in mainstream media here, mainly on computer/gaming sites. Fortunately that doesn’t carry over to normal media either, or gamers/game ‘journalists’ would be digging their own graves.

  2. The Minority Report game was also notable for not featuring the principle cast of the film. For some reason, I thought the Bourne game was based directly on the books and not the film adaptations (a la Sierra’s Lord Of The Rings titles) and that was why Matt wouldn’t appear in it.

    It’s nice to see Chinese whispers in effect.

    To answer your previous question on another post, Koff, I keep forgetting the mystery alias I use to comment but I’ll try to stick with this one. I know we haven’t gotten along in our interactions on a certain message board, but I respect your views and like reading your posts.

  3. Kotaku poorly researching or even misrepresenting their sources? Quelle surprise. Honestly, I’m frequently amazed that a site of their size can get away with this kind of thing; and that so many gullible idiots lap it up.

    Ah well.

  4. Koffdrop! Christ it’s been ages, I’d almost given up on you! 😛 How you been?

    And it is interesting, two of my interests, politics and games, almost entirely seperate normally, are coming together more and more often now. That article in the Guardian is right (!) in the sense that soon politics will be ruled by people who played games on a regular basis. It’s going to be interesting to see whether there will be the same kind of restrictions placed on the games industry as there were put on television in the 1970s. We will have to see.

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