Sitting where I do, it’s very easy for me to see the machinations and spin that feed the fanboy bias, selective memory and downright stupidity of ‘intellgent’ gamers around the world. Or “the gaming intelligensia” as they prefer to call themselves.

Proving to these people that the world is, in fact, round and not flat is another matter. After all, their belief is so strong and their willingness to ignore any information that contradicts their viewpoint is practically unshakeable it’s always a case of my word against theirs. And, after all, they’re the mighty gaming intelligensia, I’m just a game developer. What the fuck would I know? Where do I get my news from? And what does it matter – it can’t possibly compare to such unbiased sources as NeoGAF, Kotaku or Joystiq. Right?

Well, as some of you may have read, Ubisoft have announced a slew of dates for their games due to hit the second half of this year. One of these games, Haze, is a title I particularly familiar with. Far more so than any of the gaming intelligensia even.

Sadly, Haze’s recent publicity has been more to do with the fact it was stated as ‘leading on PS3’ than anything to do with the game itself. After all, ‘true gamers’ are so hardcore the game doesn’t matter. True gamers only seem to give a shit about what machine it’s on. After all, everyone knows that if a game is on BoxA it is good and if it is on BoxB it is bad. And if a BoxB game comes to BoxA then it becomes better but if a BoxA game comes to BoxB then it’ll be worse. The game, it seems, is irrelevent. The box is all important. That’s why 99% of the talk of Haze is all about which box it comes out on and not the game itself. That ‘true gamers’ see this as the focal point of pretty much every game release shows just how fucked up their perception of the situation is. But, of course, you can’t tell them that because not only are they TRUE GAMERS they are the GAMING INTELLIGENSIA. They know all. They absolutely will not tolerate criticism of their views or sources.

Anyway, Haze was reported by the media as being exclusive to PS3. Neither Ubisoft or Free Radical stated this – the media spun it that way. The ever-so-easily led gaming intelligensia decided this was an important point and the spin was regarded as fact and that was that.

Now, Ubisoft’s dates suggest that there is a week’s difference between PS3 Haze and Haze on other formats. The media is now reporting, in mocking fashion of course, that “LOL EXCLUSIVE FOR ONE WEEK!!1” is a joke. The gaming intelligensia who focus so hard on reading between the lines excel at missing what is actually written have now decided that a PS3 exclusive has been lost. Oh the hilarity!

But what’s this? Allow me to throw some very clear, very trustworthy facts your way:

  • Haze has NEVER been announced as an exclusive of any sort. The only people spinning it that way is the media and the fanboys.
  • If an exclusive never existed it cannot be lost.

Those are the facts. Unfortunately it means all the immature crowing of the self-obsessed Gaming Inteligensia is for naught as, by sticking to the facts, it shows just how clueless such agenda led ‘clued up’ people are. If you go back and check the way the media reported this news about Haze you’ll see just how far the spin goes..

..and if the media spin things about one game then what about all the others games. Are they free of spin?

Who watches the watchmen?

Like I said, from where I sit it’s abundantly clear how much bullshit is spun and accepted as truth. How easily the urban myth is adopted as fact and how people who claim impartiality are anything but.

You know the funniest thing?

Those Ubisoft dates – you’ll be seeing some changes to them in the near future, they were never intended to be released.

Still, from one perspective it’s nice to know that gamers – especially the ones that take themselves so very seriously – are so easily led. I mean, when it’s so obvious how to push their buttons.. ..well, it just sets them up for manipulation and exploitation doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies and The Games Media”
  1. I’m-a gonna be taking part in testing Haze, as part of my Uni’s student program, don’t-cha-know?

  2. Really? I didn’t know that. I knew that we’d been sending out some cocky beta testing adverts and such. Well, if you ever find yourself in our offices then let me know, I might try to say hello.

    I’m on a different (and currently still secret/unannounced) project so there’s every chance you’ll not be allowed near me though. 😉

  3. The only time I care about which platform a title is released for is when I want the game – if it’s not going to be on my chosen system, it’s a little upsetting.

    Thankfully I opted for an Xbox 360 this generation and a lot of the games I want are going to be available for it.

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