I’ve been fairly busy at work recently and only been making minimal posts onto koffdrop.com. I suspect you’ve noticed that.

Games-wise, I’ve not been playing much. I’ve had a stab (literally) at the God of War 2 demo and, I’ve got to say, it lives up to my expectations. There’s a fairly cool “Road to E3” documentary on the demo which gives a little insight into what it’s like trying to get something like a demo together for a big event. There will be more of these style of features on the final game (a 2 disc release) and I’d encourage any potential ‘developers are lazy’ critics to look at how shattered Cory Barlog is in this video (or in any recent appearance). Crunch time is a killer!

Anyway, to cheer some of you up and in keeping with the positive news of a DS sequel to Ouendan (which will, I hope, retain the best parts of Elite Beat Agents without the insiped track selection) I offer you the complete soundtrack to the original Ouendan game. Don’t kill the server please.

Whilst you’re here you can have a look around my little discussion area. It’s different from the sort of layout and featureset you may be used to – but that’s very deliberate.

Finally, you’ll have noticed that, due to popular opinion, my older theme is back in place.

I’ll be making an interesting discussion point soon – honest.

One thought on “Who said February was a short month?”
  1. February has 28 days. That’s not a lot of days, because it’s a short month. It looks shorter when it begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. 7 x 4 = 28. They think that February is not a month anymore.

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