I’m not an Ice Hockey fan – in fact, there’s few sports that spark my interest. However, my employer had kindly organised a trip to a big game and myself and the good lady wife enjoyed some exciting sportsmanship, the odd scrap and some free booze.

For those interested, the result was a 2-2 draw.

I have to admire the attitude of my employers. In my first week I was on a trip to Alton Towers, they’ve organised bowling trips, tonight’s hockey game and then there’s the Christamas do (whatever that my turn out to be) looming – not to mention last week’s fun Gong of Terror and other Game City events. All have been great fun and just make me happier knowing that not only am I doing a job I enjoy with a firm who has a reputation for quality – but they’re also good at looking after their staff!What a difference from 8 months ago!In other news, my US copy of Final Fantasy XII turned up ONE DAY after the US street date. Got to admire that! EB must have shipped it one day early and UPS did the rest of the work. OK, I got stung for £20 of import tax but that’s the first time it’s ever happened to me and, strictly speaking, I can’t complain.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it. It’s a shame that I’ve not managed to find the time to stick the damn disc in my PS2 yet!

One thought on “Panthers V Steelers”
  1. Sounds like a dream job all right 😀

    And damn you for having an income which allows you to import FFXII! 😛

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