I chanced upon a collection of MP3’s that went by the heading It Takes A Nation of Tossers recently. Naturally, my curiosity got the better of me and I took them to one side and had a listen.

What greeted my ears was what I can only describe as a cross between Eminem and Geof Boycott (well known cricketer of yore and outspoken yorkshireman). The artist is called Pitman – a reference to working down a mine pit – and the content was pretty accomplished and highly amusing.

It’s possible that I’m fond of it due to the fact I’m a southerner that’s now living ‘oop north’ – where terms like cob, mardy and calling people duck still seem a little alien to me.

Anyway, enjoy a new feature of Koffdrop.com – streaming audio – and have a listen to one of the tracks. If you want more just head to my files section and help yourself.

If you grab any files or stream the audio please write a comment and let me know if you found it useful and if the streaming speed was decent.

[audio:14.mp3] Pitman – It Takes A Nation of Tossers
“What’s the Point”

2 thoughts on “A new gizmo”
  1. “where terms like cob, mardy and calling people duck still seem a little alien to me.”

    Bah. Since leaving the safety confines and inevitable inbreeding tradition of Leicestershire I’ve found that people no longer understand what I’m saying because cob, mardy and duck are alien to them (admittedly, I’ve never said duck)

    Way too many times have I gone to the bakery when strolling on the highstreet and ordering a cheese cob only to be met with perplexed looks as if I was using a Hungarian phrasebook. Then I have to stop and think and order a cheese roll
    Silly north and south differences. I bet I’d blend in with Nottingham people better than you! MWahaha.

  2. Slightly interesting, slightly catchy, but i quite liked a bit of rap back in my day, so i tended to stop paying attention to the content and just wanted to speed the guy up a bit.

    For some reason though, i now need to listen to some Billy Brag or even some Dennis Leary!

    Nice attachment to the site tho.

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