Seems like a silly question when you consider that they’ve probably bought the same game at least TWICE from Nintendo over the years – and more often than not as a launch title to a new console.

I mean, if they’re thrilled at being given the chance to buy things twice then why are they getting all huffy and puffy over console retail prices?

The answer, of course, is that it’s a SONY console. The internet can barely contain it’s glee at having another stick to bash Sony over the head with and, as usual, is doing a shockingly poor job at it when you apply some facts and a sense of perspective.

So, courtesy of an article Curmudgeon Gamer, it gives me great delight to offer some facts:

The image to the left shows console prices at launch dating back to 2006 in the US. You’ll notice that there’s a couple of consoles that significantly outweigh Sony’s latest offering. The easily excitable amongst you will argue that the Neo Geo was a flop (not true – but games retailing at £300 a pop didn’t help) and that 3DO was a failure (not strictly true – but down to lack of 3rd party support, which I don’t think anyone would be dumb enough to accuse Sony of lacking). Of course some readers might ask “What the hell is a Neo Geo or a 3DO?” to which I’d respond with something slightly less civil than “STFU n00b!”.

And then, there’s the perspective to add to those figures. This second graph adjusts those launch prices of consoles and applies the cost of inflation to them. Now, I’m pretty certain that a lot of the thoughtless pro-Nintendo zealots are totally unfamiliar with the concept of inflation all I can suggest is that they go off and speak to mummy and daddy about it. Oh, just so you’re clear kids, I’m not talking about the process of blowing up balloons here.

So, there you have it – some facts, some perspective and all that jumping around and finger pointing and jumping on the Sony bashing bandwagon is shown up for the baseless mindless drivel that usually fuels the actions of these little twerps.

Oh, by the way, if you want to strike back with the “Ah well, but they’ve dropped RUMBLE in their new PS3 controller so they still suck” then I’ll respond by saying that, just possibly, Sony are copying Nintendo again. I mean, when was the last time you felt Nintendo’s Wavebird wireless controller rumble?

See how astoundingly dumb you look when you all leap to bash something without actually paying attention to a few small yet significant facts? It’s just the flip-side of the coin that the easily led demonstrate when they believe the baseless hype their favoured company spouts.

You can be sure that I’ll be there to set the record straight. I may be outnumbered, but I’m never outgunned.

11 thoughts on “Are Nintendo supporters just tight fisted?”
  1. $600 is a lot, yes. But then the dollar is incredibly weak right now. In UK terms we’re looking at around £425.
    I think this is an expensive hobby and, frankly, I don’t buy hardware on day one. In fact, I don’t buy hardware until there’s some games out there that present themselves as ‘must have’ titles to me. I’m happy to wait a year or so – by which time, the packages become better value.
    Nobody is forcing the whiners to buy the hardware or even buy it on launch. Of course, minor details like that seem to be totally overlooked when the fanboys go on their little crusade.

    Also, don’t ever use a ‘wii’ reference like that again. ain’t your typical low-brow website. Pah!

  2. Although, Koffdrop, generally consoles retail at far higher prices here than they do in the US. I expect somewhere in the region of £450-500.

    Interesting find, Koffdrop.

  3. Whoa- glad I never bought a Neo Geo or 3DO. I know I’m not being forced to buy a PS3 but it just seems unjustifiable when you could get an Xbox 360 and a Wii at the same price of the $600 pack and who cares about Blue Ray? Still as you say, I can wait a year. Or two, depending on when FFXIII and MGS4 come out.

  4. Fraiser the PS3 will not cost higher than £425 at all I reckon, for the full system.

    GameStation are taking pre-orders, stating that the full system is £424.99, if the price is higher, they will honor this, if lower, then yay, it’s cheaper. However I reckon it will be nearer the £410-20 mark. I got £405~410 from the €599 price Sony stated at E3, using for the exchange rate.

  5. “I got £405~410 from the €599 price Sony stated at E3, using for the exchange rate.” But my point is that, on the whole, consoles cost more here than they do in the US, or at least, that’s always what I’ve been led to believe.

    Still the PS3 could buck this trend, if indeed it exists at all.

  6. I’m sure Sony can sell it at that price, otherwise they wouldn’t have set it at £425. If they see that its not doing too well then they’ll drop it, they’re market leaders for a reason. I await Team Ico’s next project before I make a purchase myself. It’d be interesting to see the cost of games at launch comparison too, £70 for Turok anyone?

  7. That second last paragraph was beautiful.

    Thing is though, as you well know, the outspoken ‘net-tendo fanboys’ minds were made up long before anyone knew anything about the PS3. If the PS3 was Nintendo’s, and the Wii was Sony’s, we’d be hearing about how the Wii must be rubbish because it’s too cheap. 🙄

    Oh, and “its” doesn’t have an apostrophe when it’s possessive (see: “The Internet can barely contain its glee”). I know people are usually quick to jump on other people for pointing out mistakes, but I also know how much you like to see rules being obeyed, and that your toys won’t end up all over the floor because someone was trying to help you out. 🙂

  8. Most people are! It’s an easy enough mistake to make though.

    Anyhow, your site is nice. I’ll have to have a wee peruse through the rest of your articles when I get the chance. I’m guessing that there’s a theme? 😉

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