A couple of articles at Next Generation online make for some very interesting reading about the industry and what some of it’s most talented icons think about it.

Analysis: What That Deal Really Means
The Bioware / Pandemic / Elevation deal and what it means from the people involved.

I have bags of respect for Bioware and Pandemic. Their reputations are outstanding and their mentality and track record set a precedent that others can only dream of. Their plans benefit gamers as much as themselves.

Spector Slams “Insane” Costs
At the Montreal International Game Summit, Warren Spector has pleaded for more creativity and risk taking in game design while lamenting the high costs of making games.

When this man talks, you should listen. His talent and experience are simply unequalled and it’s nice to see the guy still retains a sense of humour.

I also find it interesting to get such earnest and relevant feedback on the industry from such knowledgeable and influential characters. Whilst a soundbite from Miyamoto is mana from heaven for your typical games journalist the guy doesn’t seem willing (or is not allowed) to get his hands on really earthy issues like these guys do.

Massive credit to Next Generation Online. Awesome stuff!

One thought on “Have a look at this”
  1. Is there anybody who isn’t merging these days? I hope that they really can bring back more creativity to games, there isn’t enough risk taking and it may get worse with the amount of money its going to take to develop next gen games. Warren Spector, I need to research this guy.

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